Hello! I'm Irene,

a Brazilian/Japanese designer (living in Vancouver) who loves to solve problems creatively and empathetically.

With experience in UX/UI, Product & Interaction Design, and Visual Development, I create meaningful human-centered experiences within the intersections of design, art and technology.


UX/UI & Interaction design

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UX/UI & Interaction Design, Visual Design Lead

Unity Technologies

Creation of a UX framework and an intuitive VR tool prototype for filmmaking.

UX/UI & Interaction Design


UX/UI design improvement plan for an

e-commerce platform.

UX & Interaction Design, Concept Art Lead

Museum of Vancouver

Development of an interactive iPad app for the Museum of Vancouver's 2020 "A Seat at the Table" Exhibition.

UX/UI Design Lead, Product Design


A large-scale digital platform for optimizing medical work schedules and healthcare management.

Game Projects & creative direction

Art Direction, Creative Design Lead

Project Lazuli | Venture Project

A prosocial initiative with the aim of promoting empathy towards the issue of loneliness amongst young adults.

Awarded as one of the 10 best games and most commercially viable projects of IGDA Global Jam 2011. 

Planetary Plan C

UI Design, Visual Design

Visual communication design

animation & illustration


About me 

Hi! I'm Irene, a user-centered designer and an artist who loves colour, storytelling, games and animation. 

Coming from a background of architecture and design, I'm able to navigate between different levels of project complexity, and to design visual experiences in a wide range of scales. I moved to Vancouver to pursue my Master's degree in Digital Media, at the Centre for Digital Media. 

I use my knowledge to provide critical interpretation of problem-spaces and to guide the appropriate use of visuals in a physical or digital environment: considering specific goals, restraints and human use.

I believe that design is much more than pushing pixels. I value a strong design rationale, and also the invisible traits of design: strategic thinking, structure and planning which serve as a foundation to achieve desired outcomes.