Game Design, Art Direction, Visual Design

Project Lazuli

A Prosocial initiative to address loneliness.


   Lazuli: The Game   

Background: Project Lazuli is a prosocial initiative with the aim of promoting empathy towards the issue of loneliness amongst young adults through a free PC game, and building a supportive community hub for them to acknowledge, discuss, and address loneliness.


Lazuli is a Venture Project under development at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver. It's been a pleasure to work together with a group of classmates and friends from the Master of Digital Media Program, under the name of IJKL Studio. Our team currently consists of myself (Irene), Jaclynn, Kun, and Lam (IJKL). 

Project: Non profit, Prosocial, Mental Health, Community Building, Game Design, Interactive Design, Storytelling, Animation, Visual Design, Visual Development Art.

Role/Contribution: Game Designer, Concept Artist, Writer

Game concept designer and writer. I'm responsible for translating the team's ideas into engaging, feasible and workable concepts. I also plan & design game levels, create mock-ups, and create concept art.

Concept Art

Scene3.2-what is this feeling inside?+NP

Level Design + Art


   planetary plan c   

Background: Planetary Plan C is a game developed as a group effort for the IGDA Global Game Jam 2011.

The game was awarded by Gamesauce Challenge as one of the 10 best and most commercially viable projects out of the 1,487 submitted games. It was the only selected project from South America, and the team was awarded with the opportunity to showcase the game during Casual Connect Europe 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.

Project: Game Design, Interactive Design, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Visual Development Art, Hackathon, Global Game Jam

Role/Contribution: UI Designer, Visual Designer

Responsible for the game's visual interfaces and graphic design.


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