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A digital solution for optimizing 

medical work schedule and management. 

Project Type

User Experience,

User Interface, Product &

Interaction Design


Health, Hospital, Medical, Management, Service Design, Research, User Experience, User Interface, User Journey, Prototyping, Usability.

My Role

Lead UX/UI and Interaction Designer | Product Designer

  • System design and product planning of a digital solution (mobile and desktop) for optimizing healthcare work schedules and hospital development.

  • End-to-end design process: user experience design (information architecture, flow-charts and wireframes), user interface design, creation and management of the design asset library on Figma, and elaboration of low to high fidelity prototypes.

  • Elaboration of qualitative & quantitative user research, and active participation in usability testing and customer follow-up, acting as a design advocate and communication link between the business owners, developers and users (familiar and unfamiliar with the technology). 

  • Responsible for conducting onboarding training workshops at the clients' healthcare facilities: teaching and assisting doctors, medical staff and office workers on how to use the Medtime App.

  • Medtime, being a forward-thinking young Start-up company, provided a very favourable environment that encouraged deep ownership and accountability, where every team member not only had autonomy, but was also a wearer of many hats - a situation in which I absolutely love being immersed.


Medtime is a large-scale digital platform for medical work-schedule management, currently in use by "Hospital das Clínicas" (HCFMUSP), which is considered the largest hospital complex in Latin America. 


The Problem

Multiple hospital departments struggled to keep track of medical work schedules and arrangements, as most medical shifts were exchanged between doctors via message apps (like WhatsApp) or oral communication. 

  • The efforts for maintaining an updated, real-time medical call schedule were incredibly work-demanding, and costly.

  • Medical departments had different document standardization: all medical work information were to be processed and coordinated under the same templates, resulting on extra-work and longer processing times of payment reports.

  • Subject to human-error: medical shifts being exchanged manually or via analogical methods could result in inaccuracies, with the potential of bringing harm to hospital patients.


Value Proposition

A digital platform for planning and management of medical work.



Work and call



Data Collection 

Medical team’s

automated reports

and dashboards



Easy and fast

medical & call shift 

exchanging system



Meets the Brazilian

Federal Regulation of

medical schedule control

Achieved benefits of our digital platform: 

  • Increase of communication transparency between medical teams.

  • Easy access to real-time day & night medical call schedules (Web and Mobile).

  • Reduction of 70% of time spent on medical payment reports.

  • Efficiency raise of 20% in the creation of automated medical reports.



Medtime App


Splash screen

Sign Up screen

Profile screen



My Schedule | View

The health professional can view their calendar medical shifts and events. 

(that could be from different Health Institutions or Hospitals)

My Team's Schedule | View

This view also shows the medical shifts and events of their team's colleagues.

(can show multiple teams from different departments)

Medical Shift/Call Exchange Feature


Requesting medical shift/call exchange

The user chooses a colleague they want to swap medical shifts with. 

The list only displays the professionals who have medical permission to be responsible for the shift.

Selecting the shifts to be swapped

The user offers a medical shift of their own to their colleague.

Then, they choose an available medical shift of their colleague. (The request will be sent forward for approval first.)

Overview of the medical shift/call exchange request

All details can be revised by the users,

before sending the request for approval. 

(After the request is approved by their colleague and the hospital management, their agendas are updated).

Optimizing Health and Medical Activities 

Medtime platform was also designed for centralizing patient research. Doctors and medical staff could create & customize questionaries, send consent forms, and compile data. The data would then be compiled by the system, and transformed into dashboards or reports for medical use. 


Medical Research

Patients invited to participate in the hospital's research could consult and review the study background and overview.

Consent Forms

In case the patient agrees to participate, they could fill the consent form and submit their information in a quick and convenient way. 

Sample Collecting

Doctors and medical staff can create not only questionnaires, but also collect samples or photos, that could be captured and submitted by the device.

A Comprehensive Platform for Medical Management

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