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Unity Technologies 
MDM Program | Industry Project

Creation of a robust UX framework and an intuitive VR tool prototype for filmmaking.


A project developed for Unity Technologies, an industry client of the Centre for Digital Media.

Team: Santiago Sotomayor, Alessandra Huang, Irene Sasaki, Rainie Han, Ali Shafiei, Michal Korek.


In January of 2020, Unity Technologies approached us with an idea to build an intuitive virtual reality tool for filmmakers. 


This tool gives film production teams the ability to visualize a set, place props, cameras, markers, and block out shot sequences, essentially creating the whole production set in virtual reality and fixing any potential conflicts before going out to create the set in the real world.

the debugger 2.jpg

My Role

UX/UI Designer, responsible for the experience & interaction design, and the project's visual design (look & feel, mock-ups, user interfaces, 3D modeling, and finalized art).

The Project

Video Duration: 7 minutes

For a better experience, please listen with sound ; )

Project Case

*The access to the complete project case is password protectedPlease feel free to contact me :)

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