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Project Cases

UX/UI & Interaction Design

Hi! The website is being updated for a better usability and navigation,

so now these lovely projects can also be accessed from the new main page:


UX & Interaction Design, Research, Visual Design, Concept Art

Museum of Vancouver

MDM Program | Industry Project

Development of ‘Have You Eaten Yet?', an interactive iPad app for the Museum of Vancouver's 2020 "A Seat at the Table" Exhibition.


UX/UI & Interaction Design, Research, Visual Design, Virtual Reality

MDM Program | Industry Project

Unity Technologies

Creation of a UX framework and an intuitive VR tool prototype for filmmaking.

*Sorry, this one is Password Protected. (Please contact me).


UX/UI & Interaction Design, Product Design

A platform for health and hospital management


A digital solution for optimizing medical work schedules and management.

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