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User Experience

Interaction Design 

Virtual Reality 


   Unity technologies   

Background: Project developed for Unity Technologies as part of the MDM Program (Spring Term 2020, Centre for Digital Media). Concept design and development of a robust UX framework and an intuitive VR tool prototype for filmmaking. A predominant part of this project was developed remotely.

It was an amazing opportunity to work for a client of such caliber as Unity Technologies, and to be part of an incredibly talented team of UX & interaction designers and developers. 


User Experience, Research, Interaction Design, Virtual Reality


UX and User Research, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Usability, Visual Development, Virtual Reality, Filmmaking, Set Scouting, Remote Collaboration, Agile Methodology.

Role: UX and Interaction Designer, Visual Development Artist, 3D Modeller

As the UX designer and 3D modeller responsible for the visual development/mock-ups of the project, my biggest challenge was to translate the results of our research, the requirements of the tool itself, and the constraints & goals of the technology/project into an ergonomic, functional, intuitive and visually innovative design.

Clipboard Idea - Overview.jpg

   Museum of Vancouver   

Background: Development of ‘Have You Eaten Yet?', an interactive iPad app for the Museum of Vancouver's 2020 "A Seat at the Table" Exhibition. It showcases various Chinese dialects and connects their regional origins with their local cuisine.

Project: Interaction Design, User Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Agile Methodology.

Role/Contribution: Visual Development Artist and Artist 

Concept Art, Visual Design, Illustration, Digital Art, Vectorial Art.

• Created appealing concept art for an interactive map of China, and enticing illustrations of local food dishes to reinforce the diversity of Chinese dialects.


• Developed iconography and additional assets for humanizing the interactive map.


• Ensured that the app visual development was cohesive with the design guidelines of the Museum of Vancouver, and also with the other components of the exhibition.

Concept art developed for the app interactive map. The final artwork ended with a look of brushed watercolor, with a subtle pastel color palette, in order to be more cohesive with the visual style of the whole exhibit.


Illustrations of the local food dishes. 


Video of the polished, final version of the app.



Background: Work as Lead UX Designer at Medtime, a young Start-up company located in São Paulo City, focused on bringing innovative solutions for healthcare professionals and hospital management. Medtime is a large-scale digital platform (mobile and desktop) of medical work-schedule management, developed and currently in use by Hospital das Clínicas (HCFMUSP) - which is considered the largest hospital complex in Latin America.

Project: Product Planning, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, User Interface Design, Customer Follow-up, Agile Methodology.

Role/Contribution: Lead UX Designer, Interaction Designer,

UI Designer

Concept & product planning, user experience design (user journey, flowchart and wire-frames), UI design and prototyping, usability testing, ongoing support after launch and customer follow-up. 

Medtime, being a forward-thinking young Start-up company, provided a very favourable environment where every team member not only had autonomy, but was also a wearer of many hats - a situation I absolutely love being into.

This was an environment that encouraged deep ownership and accountability, where you could not wait for directions - you would need to know by heart your work priorities & company's goals, making and pursuing your own decisions, for the best of the project and the company. 


Achieved benefits with our digital solution: 


  • Agile management for any medical teams.

  • Easy access to day and night call work schedules (Website and Mobile).

  • Reduction of 70% of time spent on medical payment reports.

  • Flexibility and Practicality: a platform that meets the regulations of the Brazilian Federal law of medical schedule control. 




Awarded as one of the 10 best and most commercially viable projects of Global Jam 2011.

Planetary Plan C

Game Design, User Interface

Design, Visual Design

A Graphic Experience of São Paulo's Famous Japanese Neighbourhood

Impressions of Liberdade

Project Type

Conceptual Art, Illustration,

Experimental Animation


Concept Design, Concept Art, Storytelling, Storyboard Design, Character Design, 2D Animation, Video Editing


Creative Lead and Artist

Personal Project


This is an old experimental animation project about São Paulo's Japanese neighbourhood: Liberdade, from 2009.


The inspiration for this project originated from the experiences of my multi-cultural background. I am a third generation Japanese descendant, being born and having lived most of my life in Brazil. I wanted to create a visual experience based on the mix of the influences from my Japanese heritage, and the bright, colour and joy of the Brazilian spirit. 


Conceptual Art, Illustration, Storytelling

Personal Project

A Visual Story

A collection of visual pieces inspired by Japan’s culture, curious facts and stories. 



Awarded as one of the 10 best and most commercially viable projects of Global Jam 2011.

Planetary Plan C

Game Design, User Interface

Design, Visual Design

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